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Introduce a statement of architectural prowess to your walls with the clean vertical lines of Shadoline Aluminium Cladding, cascade over one another across a surface adding an eye-catching mix
of positive tones.

The Shadoline range of panels can used in combination to unequivocally set the standard
for a bold durable façade.

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Eco Friendly
Aluminum, or Aluminium as we call it
in Australia, is an incredibly useful material. It’s the more abundant metal
in the Earths crust. One of the saving graces of aluminium is that it can
be recycled again and again.


Fire Retardant
Aluminium is described as
non-combustible. Most Aluminium
alloys have a melting point between
600 and 660 degrees Celsius. When
Aluminium is exposed to a prolonged
fire environment it will begin to melt
(not burn).


Weather & Insect Proof
Aluminium is perfect for the outdoors.
Aluminium is great in direct sunlight
it remains cooler than most
materials. Is naturally absorbs
slowly but releases it quickly.


Light Weight
Aluminum is a very light metal,
about a third of that of steel.
It’s use
in cladding products reduces
while increasing load
capacity. This also
reduces noise
and improves comfort levels.


Colour Stability
Powder coating aluminium
provides outstanding long term
colour fastness and stability,
this means when powder coated
it is ideal for the Australian climate.


Rust Proof
When using Aluminium outdoors,
a thin oxide layer is formed
on the
surface, which is strongly
attached to
the aluminium surface.
The layer
protects the metal against further attacks, thereby
increasing its
resistance to corrosion.

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