Ulltraclad Configurations


Vertical and Horizontal Installation Methods

Vertical Installation

Whether cladding runs horizontally or vertically, and the width of the boards, make a huge difference to the look of a building. Vertical cladding will emphasise the height of a building,

Try sketching some lines on elevation drawings of your building and see how it looks.

While horizontal cladding is often considered the most traditional orientation, vertical cladding actually precedes it.

Horizontal Installation

Horizontal wall cladding is considered the standard form, especially for residential buildings. It’s far more common than the vertical installation method is,

In terms of advantages, you can count on horizontal wall cladding to be a safe bet. Choosing this form of cladding will ensure your contractor is familiar with the installation process for your home,

Probably the greatest advantage of horizontal siding is the aesthetic benefit. The more traditional aspect of this form of cladding is very appealing to many, especially those who live in a Colonial-style neighborhood and would like to blend in with the crowd or those who would like to emulate this look.

Horizontal cladding, is also an excellent pick if you’re going for a timeless look for your home.

Simple and Easy Installation

Ulltraclad Aluminium Cladding is an interlocking powder coated
horizontal and vertical weatherboard system,
which is designed to be used as a complete external wall cladding system
for residential and light commercial type buildings.

When installed and maintained correctly, in accordance with Wintec Systems
technical manuals at the time of installation, Wintec Systems warrants
its products to be resistant to rotting, moisture damage and termites.

1. 140mm Tee Weatherboard
2. 150mm Traditional Weatherboard
3. 175mm Vertical Weatherboard
4. 190mm Standard Weatherboard
5. 185mm Full Corrugated Weatherboard
6. 205mm Shadoline Weatherboard


Power coated colours are available in:

  • Dulux Durralloy®
  • Dulux Duratec®
  • Interpon D1000
  • Interpon D2525

Also available in 30+ Timber grain colours.

In high salt spray areas and geothermal areas we recommend the use of Duratec® coating, in non-salt spray areas the use of Duralloy® is recommended

Download Dulux Durralloy® / Duratec® Colour Chart
Download Interpon D1000 Colour Chart
Download Interpon D2525 Ultra Durable Architectural Powder Coatings
Download Timber Grain Colour Chart

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