Wintec Systems – National Fabrication Network

Wintec Systems is always looking to improve customer relationships for positive outcomes to our national fabrication network

The survey is to gain feedback in the relation to the supply of Black powder coating whether it be Satin Black, Custom Black, Matt Black or other variations of Black powder coat.

Due to the very nature of this colour scuffing, marking, and the ability to show the slightest imperfection.

Wintec Systems would like to know if moving toward holding Textura Black as our Standard Black powder coated colour would be beneficial to the Wintec Systems customer base?

All other black powder coating services would still be available but would incur a lead time to have the mill finish extrusions powder coated.

I have also attached a technical data sheet in relation to Textura powder coating and benefits associated which include abrasion resistance Anti Marring and improvement to transport damage.

Please answer “yes” if you think supplying Textura back would improve our service to your business or “no” if you do not think this would be beneficial.

Please enter your email, so we can follow up with you.